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Rock the Rainbow

Bright Young Things need the Cutest Co-ords…

Sun’s always gonna shine with Cosatto strollers. Overload on cuteness with matching little outfits. Adorable Coco shows us how it’s done in her outfit from Trendy Street. Just happens to match her new Rainbow Rider UWU stroller don’t you know.

When your stroller matches your outfit…

From fresh green, to bursting blue, every little’un needs a happy hue. Show their true colours with these matchy marvels… 

Think Pink


“This is Unicorn Land,” whispered the queen of the fairies. “We do things magically here…”

– The Cosatto Unicorn Land Story

Every princess needs a magic unicorn, skipping in enchanted forests, loving life – and they’ll need an outfit to match. Bestow on them this Boden swim set with ruffle detailing to make waves. It’s UPF50 to help protect against naughty rays. Add in the fact that all Cosatto strollers are UPF100+ you’ve got extra shady goings on.

Strollers featured are Supa 3 and Woosh 2.


Yummy Yellow


“The sky will be your compass, your stroller is your boat, with merman and the whale, you’ll always stay afloat.”

– The Cosatto Sea Monsters Story

 Pop your little pirate in this Mini Rodini Octopus cap, or the matching sweatshirt and ahoy! It’s an uncanny match with our Woosh 2 stroller in Sea Monsters design. Proper style shipmates. Yellow is the sunniest colour and we love it.


Brilliant Blue


“Bananas are a very melodramatic fruit. In Benny’s garden was a tree with the bounciest bananas in the world.”

– The Cosatto Go Bananas Story

Our cheeky Go Bananas design is this summer’s soaraway print. Social media went bananas over it. Fashion for fruit? Bananas in pyjamas is old news. Get bananas on pyjamas for your littl’un. These beauties are from Toby Tiger. Great for those Summer staycation evenings.


Grrr! Green

“Legend has it…dinos are back. They really didn’t plan on going extinct for long. They say you’re never more than 6 earth-shaking steps from a hidden dino…”

– The Cosatto Dino Mighty Story

 Great British staycations need a raincoat. It’s the rules. This Regatta Dino raincoat is roarsome.

It’s great camouflage when you’re dino tracking in our Supa 3 Dino Mighty stroller. Just keep off the grass…


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