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Supa Essentials

To coincide with our free Supa changing bag offer this month we’ve grilled all the parents in the office and pulled together a list of their must have day out essentials that will leave you ready for any adventure.

The Cosatto day out essentials list

  • Snacks, and lots of them. Bananas, crisps, yogurt – little one’s are NOT cool when they’re hungry.
  • H2O for your dot and you. Lots of adventures calls for super-duper hydration.
  • A change of clothes for unexpected poo explosions.
  • A book or toy. Especially good for dreaded public transport entertainment.
  • Wipes and hand sanitizer for when the adventures turn mucky.
  • A hat, sunglasses and SPF for those unexpected British summer rays.
  • Similarly… a raincoat.
  • And finally, nappies… don’t forget the nappies!

Have we missed anything? Leave a comment below and tell us what essentials you pack in your changing bag.



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