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Top tips on how to take the perfect pic #bemorecosatto style!

Hi Lottie here! Cosatto’s visual geek on all things photographic and of course Instagrammable.

That’s me on the left, the other loon is Sarah our illustrator/designer & part-time doodler…and yes she was ‘born livid’.

So, you must all know our #bemorecosatto tag by now and if not, where have you been hiding?!

It’s our #tag gallery for Instagram which has now filtered onto Facebook.

We simply love seeing you and your smiley babies with/in our products. It’s the best way to start the day and always puts a smile on our faces here at Cosatto HQ.

We feature as many as we possibly can on our social feeds and website, we can’t get enough of them.

So here are my top 3 tips to achieve the cutest #bemorecosatto snaps.

Tip #1: Light

Always make sure you’ve got good light preferably on you little one’s face or whatever you’re featuring in your photo.

Now don’t push them into full sunlight, bless them they won’t be able to open those gorgeous eyes and you’ll have one very over exposed face. Angle your pram/pushchair/highchair so there is enough soft light casting over their beaut little face. Why not play around with light a little? Early evening has beautiful ‘golden hour’ light just as the sun is starting to set. You can get some fantastic effects.

Tip #2: Background

All or nothing! Go for something simple OR completely wild! If you can’t get the background looking right, then go in close and play with angles. Extra little tip.. bloggers love to push washing/toys/normal kids mess out of view to create the illusion that children are tidy (we all know this isn’t the case but it makes for fab pics!)

Tip #3: Keep it Fun.

Keep if real and fun. Don’t be stressing everything’s not perfect. Some of our fave customer pics are the ones that make us chuckle because they’re real life parenting! We’re all far too hung up on creating the perfect image of life, especially on social networks. Just enjoy it and make sure you’re ALL having fun.

Final tip! Ok I know I said 3 top tips, but here’s an extra one for free. If your little one is a little camera shy or you’d rather not pop their face all over the internet, why not choose a quirky angle like the ones below…

OK that’s me done telling you how to do stuff. Get the camera out, have a laugh and don’t forget to share your fave #bemorecosatto pics with us…we may well give you a feature!










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