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Thanks but no thanks. 3 funny gift reactions.

As parents, the hardest and most challenging part of Christmas (except making sure you’ve drank enough prosecco to deal with the in-laws) is making sure that you have got that 1 Christmas present that is at the top of your child’s list.

Now, we would like to say we get it right year on year. However, there are times when some parents get it so very, very wrong.

We’ve rounded up our top 3 videos of the best reactions to those thanks but no thanks moments.


At number 1, it’s…

Oh an avocado…

Yes they may be the perfect brunch food but no-one wants an avocado for Christmas. Maybe they ran out of oranges!


Coming in at number 2, it’s…

Let’s get them something educational!

This little boy was clearly not happy with books for Christmas. Note to all, books are not toys and they definitely are not fun.


Last but not least, number 3…

Did you really want a Turkey?

Have you ever seen a child so happy and excited to open a present she really wanted…especially when it’s a Turkey.


We would love for you to share with us your children’s gift reactions this Christmas. Good or bad we want to see them all! Tag us on Instagram and use the #oopscosatto.

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