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The Chocolate Diet.

The Chocolate Diet

Put down the salad bowl and pick up that chocolate bar you’ve just been eyeing up. News just in… chocolate is GOOD for you. *mic drop*

No it isn’t April 1st. No this isn’t a marketing ploy to make you buy Cosatto chocolate, we’re just relaying the facts you’ve been waiting to hear that eating chocolate can actually lower your cholesterol, help you sleep and wait for it… reduce your waistline.


What?? Really?

This revelation was a finding from a German study published in the International Archives of Medicine and revealed that chocolate is actually a rich source of bioactive compounds which is associated with several positive health impacts.

The study split the research group into three. Group 1 followed their normal diet. Group 2 followed a low carb diet and Group 3 followed a low carb diet but also consumed 42g of dark chocolate per day.



The results?

Group 2 and 3 lost weight compared to those following their normal diet. However the chocolate consumers managed to lose a further 10% more than the non chocolate consumers. This group also reported improvements to their sleep and general wellbeing.

Researchers have since stated that coco rich chocolate such as dark chocolate can enhance other diets, improve your mood, and even calm a cough. So… if in doubt get the choccy out 😉


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