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Forget Supernanny

You’re having a baby. The ride of your life starts here. It’s beyond exciting and a tad nerve-racking. So we asked the real parenting experts – you guys – what magic piece of advice you’d give parents-to-be. From ignoring the bathroom, to ignoring your shopping list, the answers were moving and amusing. One thing came through loud and clear – follow your instincts. You got this.

Forget Perfect

We all know perfect doesn’t exist but reminding yourself that whilst sleep deprived and smelling of sick can be tough. Take perfect Insta mums with a pinch of salt. Facebook mum Lucy Williams relates,

the sooner you learn that you are not and never will be a perfect parent the better, we all make mistakes.

Sam Vining adds,

something always gets neglected, it’s ok to let something slide, nobody ever looks back and wishes they cleaned the bathroom more often.

forget perfect

Accept Help

Ditch the pride. Step away from the Superwoman outfit and accept help.

If your mum offers to do the washing, let her!

says mum Keely Wadsworth. Lucy Williams agrees,

accept help, it doesn’t make you any less of a parent, we’re all doing our very best.

accept help

Streamline the Shopping

For a first-time mummy, the baby industry can be a minefield. From movement monitors to double pumping bustiers (yep they exist), it’s difficult to know what should make it onto your shopping list.

You don’t need all the baby items you think you need

says Facebook mummy Lulu Tracy Conboy. Andrea Maria Shine backs this up,

with my first baby the shopping list went on and on, this time with the 3rd I’m like ‘ah let’s see how we get on first’”.

streamline the shopping

Trust You

Advice is great but if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t, as Keely Wadsworth says,

everyone will have opinions on what’s right or wrong but you know your baby, and you will do what’s right for them.

Andrea Maria Shine agrees,

the worst thing you can do is to start comparing yourself, honestly do your own thing. Mums know best.

Trust yourself


Basically then, read this blog post.

Take it on board.

Ditch what doesn’t feel right.

Go have fun.

Trust other mums. Trust Cosatto.

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