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Thoughts on a Zen Birth as Pregnancy Reaches 6th Month

I worked out a couple of days ago that I’m now entering my sixth month of pregnancy! This both seems crazy to me (how is it going so fast!) but at times makes me feel I still have a long way to go. It often feels like this pregnancy has been harder than my first but then I wonder if I’ve just forgotten the hard parts in my rose tinted memories of that time in my life. I get pangs of guilt that I should be enjoying every-single-second as this is probably going to be my last pregnancy.


pregnancy by month


I have to say I’ve been very lucky with both my pregnancies in that they have been very straightforward and low risk. Apart from the joys of morning sickness and tiredness I really have nothing to complain about. That being said the girl hormones are still making me a little crazy at times (just ask my husband…not that he’d risk saying anything ;)). They’ve also made my skin a bit problematic at times, I’ve had quite a lot of breakouts but nothing a bit of concealer doesn’t fix.

With the realisation that I am actually going to be giving birth at some point in the next three months I’ve signed up to a pregnancy yoga class. The same one I attended with Wilf actually. I found the classes a great way to boost my energy which is something I certainly need to be doing and also just a good way to make my creaky body a bit more in shape.




The other thing I’m looking into attending this time round is a hypnobirthing class. I actually had a book and CD last time and I played the CD during my labour which I think made a huge difference to how the experience went. I felt very calm and ‘zen like’ during the whole birthing process and give hypnobirthing a lot of credit for that. I’m really interested to seeing how the classes differ from just listening to the CD’s and reading the book yourself.

Did you take a hypnobirthing class? If so how did you find it?

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  • I didn’t take a hypnobirthing class, but I did listen to MP3s when I was going to sleep – I didn’t have a terrible experience first time but it wasn’t brilliant, so I think listening to them really helped me feel less anxious in the run-up (which was all I wanted really!) Plus, they were great for sending me into a really deep sleep 🙂 x

  • I did an Active Birth class which I found extremely relaxing, it had yoga, breathing, birth positions and lots of positive visualisation. I also listened to a lot of audiobooks which I loved for relaxation. Good luck with the yoga, it’s fab!

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