Three Stages of Mum Hair

Three Stages of Mum Hair

We’ve all heard of the changes your body goes through during and after pregnancy but what about the changes to your hair… here’s the 3 stages of mum hair.

1. Growth

During pregnancy, estrogen levels rise to an all-time high which have a positive impact on hair and skin. The estrogen then binds to receptors in the follicles which can lead to a 38% increase in volume…Hello Farrah Fawcett hair.

2. Shedding

Unfortunately, the luxury of luscious locks doesn’t last forever and approximately 9 weeks after birth begins the shedding process. This can feel quite scary but once Estrogen levels drop and stress hormone cortisol levels rise the body begins ridding itself of 9 months’ worth of hair.

3. Regrowth

The lost hair starts to grow back but can be finer to start with, thickening over time. The regrowth can be most noticeable around the temples with hair-experts describing this as ‘baby bangs’. To speed up this process, hair experts suggest massaging the scalp twice a week, adding Soy and green leafy greens to your diet and taking Biotin supplements.

No matter what hair stage, try not to sweat it – a happy healthy baby is the number one important.