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Top 3 Funny Summer Fails

What is Summer? 3 Funny Baby Reactions.


Who doesn’t love summer? The smell of freshly cut grass, the sweet music of the ice cream van…what is there not to like? Well, there are some people, very little people that just aren’t too sure what to make of it all.

Here are our top 3 funny reactions to Summer.


Oh no, not that green stuff!

It’s not spinach or any other healthy green stuff we are always told to eat but just simple old grass and these babies are not too happy about sitting on it.


You scream, I scream, we all scream for Ice Cream

Do you remember your first time…the first time you tasted ice cream that is! And so, the lifelong love of Ice cream begins.


No running or jumping. Pool Rules

It’s not a real British summer without a paddling pool. However, listen to our words of wisdom, proceed with caution as they are ‘slippery’ things.

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