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Unicorn Craze-y. The Top 5 Things To Come Out Of The Unicorn Trend.

Unicorn Craze-y. The top 5 things to come out of the Unicorn Trend.

It’s been THE BIGGEST trend of 2017, and if you didn’t believe in unicorns you do now. Here’s a few of our favorite (and somewhat loosely related) unicorn things.


  1. Yummiest Unicorn Product.

We’ve had unicorn cookies, donuts and cupcakes but nothing took the world by the unicorn horn like Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino did. We never had the pleasure of trying one but daymn they looked good.



  1. Craziest Unicorn Costume.

Halloween is round the corner and if you haven’t got your outfit yet you may want to take a look at Cosatto Kerry as a unicorn princess below. Scary? We know.

  1. Cutest Unicorn Beauty Trend.

You can’t be a unicorn without some glitter and rainbows and this hairstyle has both. Swoooooon.


  1. Weirdest Unicorn Related Product.

I mean…jumping on the craze much? Unicorn Carrots? Really???


  1. The Most Loved Unicorn Range.

This wouldn’t be a post about the Unicorn trend without a casual Magic Unicorns drop in. No but seriously… who wouldn’t love this super starkly stroller. From car seats to baby changers take a closer look at our Magic Unicorns range .

Still feeling unicorn crazy? Here’s something you won’t see everyday


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