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Walking In A Woodland Wonderland – The Best Picks This Christmas
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Cosatto Giggle 2 – Moonwood (£430)

We’re walking in a woodland wonderland, and we want you to join us.

But when you take out all those w’s, what (sorry) does that even mean?

Well, there’s a theme we love over here at Cosatto HQ, and that’s woodland. After all, it totally fits in with this time of year – Autumn’s not quite out the door, but Christmas is coming.

So with the leaves going brown and Santa on the way, why not show your little one the wonders of the woodland on December 25th with these lovely gifts?

Woodland Creatures Christmas Bunting

Woodland Creatures Christmas Bunting - Penelopetom Direct
Woodland Creatures Christmas Bunting – Penelopetom Direct

Always the bridesmaid but never the bride, bunting’s the appendix of any celebration – you’d expect it to be there, but you’re rarely drawn to it. It’s just, well… present.

We think that’s unfair – every piece and part of your Christmas celebration needs to be equally eye-catching, from the turkey to the presents to yes, the bunting you put up.

So this Christmas, why not buy yourself some Woodland Xmas Bunting, and straddle the seasons like a champion?

Designed by Penelopetom Direct and chock-full of animal drawings, it’s stylish, imaginative, and will grab your child’s attention like nothing else. Except the presents, obviously!

Woodland Christmas Wreath

Woodland Christmas Wreath - The Christmas Home
Woodland Christmas Wreath – The Christmas Home

Wreaths are something of a minefield for the discerning Christmas buyer – get one too small, and you’ll find your door dwarfing the poor thing every time you step through your front door.

However, you don’t want to be ‘that guy’ – you know, the one with the massive wreath obscuring their front door while sheltering a family of birds.

But there is a middle ground, and it’s no way near middle-of-the-road – a Woodland Wreath from The Christmas Home looks festive, but its minimalist, woodland style means it’ll be the talk of front door town.

Giggle 2 Moonwood

Cosatto Giggle 2 - Moonwood
Cosatto Giggle 2 – Moonwood (£430)

It’s rare that a pushchair can totally sum up a time of year, but here comes the Giggle 2 Moonwood, making this rarity a thing of the past.

Sporting an eye-catching tree-centric design, this 3-in-1 travel system is exclusive to John Lewis and beloved by bloggers, including the prolific Tiger Lilly Quinn.

So why not make a mum or mum-to-be’s Christmas with this innovatively designed, eye-catchingly patterned pushchair, embracing the woodland theme like few other baby products before it?

Woodland Dolls

Woodland Dolls - Lapin & Me
Woodland Dolls – Lapin & Me

Adorable, tiny and just effortlessly cute, these eye-catching dolls from Lapin & Me are certain to make your little girl’s Christmas a cracker.

Sourced specially from Japan, these bug-eyed little guys come in with varying colours, bows and hats with each as gorgeous as the last, making them highly collectable.

So if you want to get your tot a precious gift that’s slightly outside the norm, the Woodland dolls just might be that unorthodox treat you’re looking for.

Woodland Toadstool Night Light


Woodland Toadstool Night Light - Lisa Angel Homeware And Gifts
Woodland Toadstool Night Light – Lisa Angel Homeware And Gifts

Why should night lights be dull? Answer – they shouldn’t.

Giving a warm, comforting glow to your child’s room, this Woodland Toadstool Night Light from Lisa Angel Homeware and Gifts runs on batteries and give any bedroom a fun forest vibe.

So when you’re shopping round for a night light for your little one, get back to nature and pick this mushroom.

Woodland Pyjamas


Woodland Pyjamas -
Woodland Pyjamas – Little Ella James

A present from the elves to brighten up your child’s Christmas, these cotton, long-sleeved pyjamas come with embroidered motifs, pink ribbon trims and fabric-covered floral buttons, channelling the festive spirit.

Festooned with reindeer and pine trees and available from 1-7 years, these Little Ella James creations are festive enough for a Yuletide gift, but sport stylish enough designs for use all year round.

Woodland Fairy Tea Set


Woodland Fairy Teaset
Woodland Fairy Tea Set – Little Ella James

A gorgeous gift for little girls who believe in magic, this Woodland Fairy Tea Set from Little Ella James is an adorable addition for Christmas, coming

Bedecked with toadstools, fairies, flowers and animals, this tea set comes with its own pretty picnic carry case for forest tea parties, allowing for portable forest fun.

So if your child wants to go down to the woods today, they can take their teacups with them – what’s not to love?

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