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We’re Having a…

We’re Having a…

This week our Cosatto Millie announced her pregnancy on social media and your reaction was amazing. It got us thinking… whether you like them or loathe them pregnancy announcements are the in thing right now. From witty to super cute. Below are some of our fave announcements that took the internet by storm;

And the awards go to…

Sweetest Celebrity Announcement

Mr Timberlake melted thousands of hearts when he posted this snap captioned ‘THE GREATEST BIRTHDAY GIFT’ we can practically feel our ovaries twitching.


Most Witty Announcement


No words needed for this… the hilarity speaks for itself.


Best Gender Announcement

Mum's gender reveal with daughter goes wrong

This little girl is NOT happy about the gender of her mum's new baby… 🙈😂😩Watch with sound 🔊 (via ITV Wales)

Posted by ITV News on Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Well that didn’t go as planned. This video teaches us a lot of things. Mainly that girls want sisters but can be bribed to love their brothers with sweets.

Most OTT announcement

So extra, so Bey, so viral but oh so amazing.

How did you announce your big news? Leave your comments below.

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