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What do you call yours?

What do you call your little one’s private parts?


Winkie, flower, willy, front bottom, pee-pee, nunnie, todger … the list goes on.


It’s the age-old debate that pops up on lots of parenting forums, should we be teaching our little one’s to use the correct terminology for their genitals or are Penis and Vagina way too clinical for a 3 year old?

During a netmums forum debate, one Mum stated  “I believe that if we infantalise the names for our genitals, it just leads to sniggering and embarrassment and I think it’s healthy for children to be aware of their bodies, know the different names for different parts and have no shame. We have FAR too many adults with hang-ups around their bodies and sex”

One swedish social worker who was unsure of what ‘name’ her daughters Vagina has coined the word ‘Snippa’ to help her daughter refer to her private parts and is hoping the word will get picked up by schools. Anna Kosztovics told The Guardian “It came from a gender equality perspective” And explained the Swedish use the word “Snopp” to refer to male genitals but there was no widely known term for female genitals.

Are names such as Foof and Widger harmless and cute or would having standardised names lead to less embarrassment later in childhood? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this one…

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