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What is hygge?

Why your Baby needs Hygge?

Hygge’s all the rage right now. It’s everywhere you look, because it’s life-changing. Really. The Danish concept of Hygge (pronounced Hoo-guh), has been described as ‘building sanctuary and community’. It’s about peace, calm and togetherness. That’s a perfect way to introduce your new arrival to the world. Creating Hygge is also a great way to ease yourself into the parenting game gently, keeping things as chilled as possible. Follow our tips on how to create this lovely feeling in those first magical weeks after your baby has arrived.

How to Hygge with your Newborn in 3 Easy Steps

1/ Create a Cosy Sanctuary

* Low Lighting

First things first. Low lighting creates a cosy feel in all your Hygge spaces – the nursery, your bedroom and the lounge are good places to start. The right lighting can increase snug factor and aid production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Create a twinkly vibe with fairy lights. Candles are good too. Be sure to put real candles in a safe place to burn and always blow them out before you fall asleep. Never leave real candles unsupervised. Little battery operated flickery candles are good if you worry about the safety of real candle flame.

hygge lighting

* Cosy Knits

Be sure to have your comfiest clothes on hand, washed and ready, before baby arrives. Soft knits and brushed jerseys are the best. A great baby shower gift is a pair of cashmere bed socks so start dropping heavy hints now. Be sure to invest in a soft knitted baby shawl so your baby is swaddled snugly.

hygge cosy knits

* Nostalgia and Family

These are both important elements when trying to achieve Hygge. When you are decorating the nursery try to include a couple of family heirlooms – your old cot bed from grandma’s attic or dad’s old favourite teddy bear. A traditional crafted rocking chair covered in cosy cushions is a great place to cuddle up and nurse your baby.

“When I was pregnant with my youngest I made a quilt from my eldest daughter’s baby clothes – a great way to preserve family memories and make her feel connected and part of something from day one.”
Vicky Morley, Cosatto Creative Director

A nice touch is to decorate the nursery walls with pictures of the family so your new addition can start to get familiar with her wider family and when they visit they will feel involved too – these family tree prints make it easy…

2/ Connect and Share

*Be Sociable.

Choose Hygge, not hibernation. Being a homebody right now is great – it’s time for you to adjust to parenting and build baby bonds. However, close friends and family may want to see the baby before its 18th birthday so pop your head up every now and then. No lavish entertaining – tell them to bring a homemade cake. They’ll love nesting too and the opportunity to help out. Babies are people magnets.

Get out there. Arrange a hot chocolate cafe trip. With cake obvs. You will feel relaxed and happy to get out of the house even just for half an hour. You’re still you. Feel the wind in your hair.

hygge be sociable

* Eat Well

Eat proper hearty meals. With late night feeds, sleep deprivation and being on constant alert to your baby’s every whim – you’ll not be about to whizz up a casserole, but friends and family can.

Before baby arrives get them on comfort food duty, prepping home cooked freezable meals – spag bol, chilli or a veggie curry. All nostalgic and nurturing. Tell your loved ones food beats flowers every time. You can’t eat that umpteenth pink teddy.

hygge comfort food

3/ Live in The Moment


Mindfulness is massive at the mo. Cliché maybe but more relevant right now than ever.

No one promised easy but remember this – you’re embarking on the biggest adventure of your life. Babytime is the most amazing, life-changing and special thing going.

Stay present. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Focus on caring for your newbie. You’re a natural. Oxytocin helps. The bonding hormone. And you’re flooded with it right now. You’ve just created the little love or your life. Nothing else matters and mindfulness reminds you of that.
Relax. Savour the little moments. The tiny hand clenched around your finger, the windy smile, the little socks kicked off every 5 minutes. All precious and gone in a flash. Sod the unmade beds. The dirty dishes can wait. For now. You’re too busy Hygge-ing together. That’s what matters.

Happy Hygge!

hygge comforts

hygge comfort lighting

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