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Your Biggest Baby Bloopers: the most embarrassing quotes from your kids

Embarrassing things kids have said


When we asked you to tell us the most embarrassing things your little ones have said, we spent the day in stitches at Cosatto HQ. Thank you to everyone who posted their bloopers! These are just a small selection of our faves in no particular order. Be warned – there are some cheeky little comments in there… expect a toddler’s worth of references to body parts and functions…


1. “My daughter Molly loves clocks and watches and thought they were the same thing but always struggled to say it correctly unfortunately calling it c*ck… (Yes this is a hideous story!) Whilst in a supermarket she saw a man with a bright red watch on and shouted out very loudly ‘look mummy that man has a loverly red c*ck.’ It was the most awful moment! I was redder than his watch!”   – Fleur Willcox


2. “My little boy is obsessed with dinosaurs & loves watching “Andy’s dinosaur adventures” on cbeebies! So we decided to take him to the museum to see some old dinosaurs, whilst looking at the dinosaurs a man walked in with brown curly hair (just like Andy) my little boy ran up to him & said ‘hello Andy!’ He was made up he thought he’d met Andy haha” – Sarah Edwards


3. “My son loves ice pops. Since moving to Birmingham they call them tip tops. While shopping round asda he shouts: “Mommy more TIT TOPS TIT TIT TIT TOPS…” – Rachael Barker


4. “Whilst camping a few years ago I was taking a shower with my then three year old son (in a cubicle in communal showers). He decided to shout very loudly “Mummy, why is your willy all hairy?!” The showers, which were full by the way, went rather quiet. I didn’t know whether to go out and explain I didn’t have a willy or just stay until everyone left!” – Danielle Fenn


5. “My son pointed at a young boy with long hair and told me “pretty girl”, his mum looked furious!!” – Robyn Leigh

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6. “Using a public loo, I took my 3 year old son in with me. It was pretty busy in there. My son said to me “mummy wipe your willy” needless to say I got a few funny looks once I left the cubicle lol! And a few giggles to go with!” Joanne Alston


7. “We were at a restaurant recently & my 3 year old granddaughter said “Mummy, is that your boyfriend?” when the very embarrassed waiter brought our food” – Linda Helme


8. “My 20 month old likes to say “sit” a lot at the moment but adds a “h”. I have to repeat ” sit” just to make sure people don’t think we taught her to swear” Kirsty Iles


9. “When my son started nursery the staff asked all children their mum and dads name. His reply was my dad’s name is ‘babe’ as that’s all he had heard me call his dad”  Hannah Martin


10. “I took my 18 month old little girl to my son’s end of year performance at school, she was really well behaved and sat on my lap listening to the singing then just as the singing stopped and all went quiet she pulled my top down and shouted ‘boobies’ making everyone turn to look at me red faced and hand on chest” – Clare Hunt


11. “When my brother was little he asked an elderly lady on the bus if she wanted any of his condoms!! (BonBons) My mum was mortified” – Nikki Stewart


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