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Parenting’s a rollercoaster. Granted, not every twist and turn is one for the album, but some moments are worth talking about. The world’s at a standstill right now. We’re working from home with lots more family time. Moments matter. Check out the Cosatto team’s most memorable moments on their wild ride so far. Then add your own. Tag us on social or share on the FB Cosatto Corona Support Group.


Apart from birth, what’s your most amazing parenting moment so far?


Photographer Lottie: “Izzy meeting Tilda for the first time. When they shared a room Izzy used to get into the bottom bunk with Tilda and they’d make up little random songs, giggle and speak in their own language (Cheble-ese apparently). Other moments I loved was their first crawl, first steps but most importantly their first giggles. 😊”


Design Director Stephen: “There are so many milestones to choose from. A special one is seeing them learning to crawl and take their first steps. I remember Imogen could only crawl backwards at first and ended up under chairs and tables 😊.  Another is seeing their first cuddles together. The first day of school is another big one for me, especially when the youngest went.”



Creative and Marketing Director Vicky: “Probably cheesy and unsentimental but taking my girls to Disneyland Florida with Toni (my best friend) was a real high point. I was concerned about taking them away without their dad but was really proud of how Polly (who is autistic), coped with so many new situations – and how her big sister helped her navigate all the strange and new experiences. Proof for me that if you love each other and support each other you can do anything and have tons of fun.”


PR and Influencer Manager Emma: “Hearing their first giggles is by far my favourite moment as a mum. I just wanted to bottle that sound up and keep it forever.”


Textile Designer Sarah: “Mine are older now but my best moment has to be when they rode off after teaching them to ride their bikes. It’s such a proud milestone. I saw a dad teaching his son to ride his whilst on my walk yesterday and had to stop to give a round of applause as he mastered it. So lovely!”


Little moments really matter right now. Lots of families have their own quirky habits and cute in-jokes. Wanna share?



Creative and Marketing Director Vicky: “We play 80’s playlists in the kitchen while making dinner together. Spending an hour at lunchtime in the garden chatting about nothing is something I really treasure at the moment. Family hairdos are a thing right now – dyeing the girls’ hair crazy colours. My husband Adam dyed half Polly’s hair pink and I dyed the other half blue. Esme shaved Adam’s off for him but he wouldn’t let her touch his beard.”


Photographer Lottie: “Lockdown life is moving a lot slower. It’s lovely because the mornings are less stressful and shouty so we’ve more time for cuddles in bed before getting up to face the world. Even at 10 and 14 years old they still climb in for a cuddle. It’s a great way to start the day. I’m cherishing the fact there’s time for that mid-week and not just weekends. There’s also lots of kitchen dancing going on atm too – it lifts the mood and keeps us moving. 😉”



Design Director Stephen: “During lockdown I’ve been partial to a bit of dad dancing with the girls.  Imogen does her dance classes via zoom so it would be a waste not to join in after 😊. Funnily enough, I don’t have a picture to back this up.”


PR and Influencer Manager Emma: “I stroke my face against theirs like cats do ha ha ha, I’m not sure how you’d put that!”


Textile Designer Sarah: “We don’t really have any quirks but there’s been lots of hugs going on at moment which is nice. We’re hunkering down to watch films together and enjoying that in the evenings and showing off our board game skills around the table together. Both with lots of snacks of course. I’ve discovered we’re spending much more time doing things as a family and listening to each other rather than feeling rushed to be somewhere.”


From face timing Gramps to board games and daft dancing, this extra family time is unexpected and unprecedented. Let’s make it count. Share your momentous moments and little family discoveries.


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