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News from the Palace of Cosatto

Ready for a right royal hoo-ha this summer? From a wedding on the horizon to a tiny new royal  preparing to launch – it’s time to celebrate your own little highness with our brand-new commemorative design. Meet Britpop, it’s iconically British darling. Salute true British legends and landmarks, from the London Bus to Sherlock Homes via a cuppa and a cupcake with her Maj.

This very special edition is launching across four of your faves. Legends in their own right.

Give your baby the royal treatment, sprinkle a little Brit of magic this summer.


britpop social3



The Perfectly Portable Pushchair

Woosh is the compact from-birth pushchair with big solutions. Suitable from birth up to 25kg, the sturdy chassis lets your toddler use it for longer. With lockable front-swivel wheels and all-round suspension, nothing’s getting in Woosh’s way.

“Loving the one hand fold and put up. Takes the bigger child, has a bell to nicely ask people to move. Large shopping basket etc etc etc. Love the 6kg carry weight and the fact in folds on top of its self.”

Review by Gemma


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Group 123 ISOFIX car seat

The Click 'n' Go Hero

Hubbub’s that exceptional creature – a group 1,2,3 car seat with ISOFIX. This means you can just click and go. Handy Hubbub. From unique safety features to intuitive detailing, Hubbub’s your big easy with tough tech. 

"The seat is so sturdy, clips into isofix with ease compared to my last brand of car seat, and my daughter looks comfortable and most importantly, safe. The anti escape harness works like a dream."

Review by Kamingo


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Supa 2018


The Lightweight Do-All

Set off in Supa, the features champ. From one-handed recline to gadget display pocket to use when you choose, Supa’s your slimline, super-skilled show-off. Take time out to see Supa’s full skill set. You’ll need it.

Matching changing bag available - sold separately

"I went into a store and see it, put my little girl in it and she refused to get out so I had to buy it as she must have been that comfortable she loved it! You get everything you need with it which is a massive bonus!"

Review by Kmurrow88


britpop social4


Group 123 car seat

The All rounder

Zoomi's in it for the long haul from tot to big kid. With sturdy support and unique safety features, this anti escape car seat is a handsome high-backed seat that is good at everything.

"Since having this car seat with the anti escape shoulder straps he has not been able to wiggle them off. I cannot recommend this car seat enough especially if you have a little escaper like me and on top of this the design is great and car seat is of very high quality my little boy loves the design."

Review by Kc123



There was a right royal hoo-haa,
In London town,
Someone had managed to steal the Queen’s crown.

But even bigger news at the time, 
A pigeon swiped her bloomers from the palace line.

Soldiers marched into Trafalgar square,
Up apples, down pears,
But they weren’t anywhere.

The world’s finest detective followed the clues,
to a garden party on the royal mews. 

Where the W.I, in a garden so rosy,
had been using them as a tea cosy.

Then a space rockstar jumped from a hackney cab,
Singing, “Don’t fancy the tea but your cakes look fab.”

A soldier looked up to the sky and then,
Saw the bloomers flying atop Big Ben.

He took his umbrella and hooked them down.
Then a corgi waltzed in wearing the crown.

The detective answered the dog ‘n’ bone,
To hear the bloomers were needed to polish the throne.

The crown was returned to much relief,
But not as much as the return of the briefs.

The detective said “It’s elementary my dear”
“Your stolen bloomers was the crime of the year.”


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