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Precious Cargo. Tough Protection.

All our car seats protect your precious passenger with state of the art technology. Developed to be beyond tough, they undergo extreme testing. Incorporating leading safety research, we constantly develop more powerful levels of protection.

Discover the 2018 Series. A new range of car seats incorporating the latest safety and comfort innovations. Built around your child’s needs, these brainy bodyguards bring even greater security to their journey. From Extended Rear Facing (ERF), to electronic safe-fit technology, from exclusive anti-escape systems, to i-Size - let intelligent features take you further.


Car Seats. The most important protection of all can be the most confusing. Let’s keep things simple.


Extended rear facing

Extended Rear Facing (ERF)
It’s shown to be safer, in most types of frontal collisions, to have your child facing rearward in the car for as long as possible. Using an ERF car seat means the force from a frontal impact is spread across the child’s back, a much larger area, and absorbed by the car seat.




ISOFIX is the international standard for attachment points for car seats. It's an alternative to securing your car seat with a seat belt. Car seats with ISOFIX points can be connected quickly & safely directly to the ISOFIX points in compatible vehicles.



rear and forward facing

Rear Facing & Forward Facing
Some car seats have the ability to fit in either direction so you can use them longer term. Start facing rearward for as long as possible & then turn to face forward when your little one reaches maximum rearward facing weight for the car seat.



i-Size is a new European-wide car seat regulation which aims to make car seats safer. With stringent tests it's designed to keep children rear-facing for longer, provide better side impact protection and make car seats easier to fit correctly.



side impact protection

Side Impact Protection
Side impact protection is considered in a number of ways at Cosatto... From deep winged seats, to dual walled construction. Various foams and impact absorbing materials are used within construction. Car seats with i-size testing have undergone strict additional side impact testing.



anti escape

5 Point Plus Anti-Escape System
Our exclusive anti escape system is designed to reduce harness escapes, minimizing driver distraction so you can concentrate on the road. The secure fitting jacket style harness is over 90% effective at preventing toddlers from wriggling their arms free.






Come & Go

The Easy-Access On-the-Go Hero

ISOFIX Group 0+/1 from birth to 18kg (4 yrs approx.)

✓   ERF - Rearward facing for longer - up to 4 years.

✓   Seat rotates to allow easy access to your child from the car door. 

✓   Integrated ISOFIX base for extra security with a satisfying click.






The Intuitive Protector

i-size car seat suitable from birth to 3 years approx (40-95cm)


   Rearward facing to 15 months / 83cm.
     Forward facing from 71 to 95cm – approx. 3 years.

   ISOFIX & electronic safe-fit warning system prevents installation errors.

   Dual-walled side-impact protection with high performance energy absorbing material.




Dock coming soon


The Luxury Click-In Cutie

i-size (with base) from birth to 15mths approx. (40-80cm)

✓   Conforms to i-size when used with the ISOFIX base - security with a click.

✓   Impact protection - reinforced protective shell & high performance energy absorbing construction.

✓   Fits Wow pram and pushchair with one handed release mechanism & safety timeout feature.




All in All

The Luxury All-You-Need Seat

0+/1/2/3 from birth to 36kg

✓   Grows with your child all the way from birth to around 12 years old.

✓   ISOFIX and ISOFIT options plus belt fitting in all groups - All in All fits most cars.

✓   Rearward facing from birth to 13kg with plush, premium padding & recline.