new dino mighty woosh
dino mighty woosh stroller

It's a Jungle Out There

Hey kids! Wake up the world and show the grown-ups who’s boss. Unleash your inner roar with Dino Mighty and Miss Dinomite -
your new prehistoric pals from Cosatto. Yep. Dinosaurs are back and they’re on a mission to protect you. Not wild about wheels?
You’ll be leaping into these chompy jaws every chance you get – because make believe matters. Tear up the streets dino incognito
beneath the big hood. Be boss of the big, big world.






Woosh Dino Stroller

Supa 2018

supa dino 2018 stroller

Supa Dupa

supa dupa dino stroller


Zoomi Car Seat

woosh DIno Mighty


The Perfectly Portable One

Woosh is the compact from-birth pushchair with big solutions. Suitable up to 25kg, the sturdy chassis lets your toddler use it for longer. With lockable front swivel wheels and all-round suspension, nothing’s getting in Woosh’s way.


“I love it, it’s easy to put up and down with one hand, lots of room for my 3yr old and I love the raincover and bell.”
Review by HippyP

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Supa 2018 Miss Dinomite

Supa 2018

The Lightweight Do-All

Set off in Supa, the features champ. From one-handed recline to gadget display pocket to use when you choose, Supa’s your slimline, super-skilled show-off. Take time out to see Supa’s full skill set. You’ll need it.

Matching changing bag available - sold separately


“I went into a store and see it, put my little girl in it and she refused to get out so I had to buy it as she must have been that comfortable she loved it!”
Review by Kmurrow88

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Supa Dupa Dinomee and Mo

Supa Dupa

The Lightweight Double Do-All

When you need everything, twice. Go Supa Dupa. From one-handed recline to adjustable handle height - this lightweight, slimline do-all’s twice the hero.


“Absolutely love it! I have a new born and a 3yr old who still has a nap. He has long legs and this buggy is perfect for him. It’s just amazing to push.”
Review by Emily

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Zoomi Miss Dinomite


Group 1/2/3 Car Seat

Zoomi’s in it for the long haul from tot to big kid. With sturdy support and unique safety features, this antiescape car seat is a handsome high-backed genius.


“I cannot recommend this car seat enough especially if you have a little escaper like me and on top of this the design is great and car seat is of very high quality my little boy loves the design.”
Review by Kc123

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Kids Love Cosatto

Kids tell it like it is – and they told us. Loud and clear. We did a test. 8 out of 10 kids chose Cosatto. So what are you
waiting for? The kids have spoken. Take their lead.
Choose happy. Choose Cosatto.




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