Things to consider: Bath & Bed

Bedtime and bathtime are bonding times. It’s time to freshen up or wind down - so you’re ready to take on the world tomorrow. 

How can Cosatto Bed & Bath solutions help me? >

From a bather and changer in one, plus mattresses to suit every sleeper, Cosatto Bed & Bath pieces are here to help you.

Why should I choose a Cosatto Bed & Bath pieces? >

Because handy. No more bending and lugging heavy bathtubs around with Easi Peasi’s easy-drain bath. From the latest spring technology, to allergenic solutions, choose a Cosatto mattress to cater to your cutie.

What are Cosatto bed & bath pieces made of?

Easi Peasi Changer

You’ll be bathing and changing your baby a lot. Breeze through bathtime with best-selling Easi Peasi, the ultimate bathing, changing and storage solution. With back-saving benefits thanks to the hidden bath with easy drainage tube, life’s easier in those early days after pregnancy. There’s a comfy padded changing mat with all-round rolling protection and compartments for creams, towels, nappies and the rubber duck. With lockable wheels, it’s transportable, then stays put where you choose.  Pampering at its finest. For both of you.


Mattresses matter. Your baby will spend half their lives snuggling one. From the ultimate piece of heat-regulating, body-contouring, air-flowing technology to a super fresh lovable lump of airy marshmallow, all our mattress are breathable yet water resistant, with removable machine-washable covers. Choose one to suit your baby. Sleep soundly knowing they’ve got the dream mattress. 

When choosing your mattress be sure to order the correct size and make sure it fits your cot or cot bed perfectly.