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Bringing on the baby, myths…busted.

Picture this… you’ve pregnant and passed your due date. it’s Summer, you’re hot, your ankles have doubled in size and to be frank…you’re feeling like a small baby elephant. You’d pretty much try anything to bring on this baby and boy did pregnant Cosatto Clare do just that.

Myth 1:

We asked you guys to send in your suggestions to help Clare bring on her mini me. Suggestion one = spicy curry.


No sign of baby yet but Clare’s lips have blown up twice the size due to extra spice. Move over Kylie Jenner.

Myth 2:

It’s pineapple is on the menu today, fingers crossed for Clare.


Still no baby but the pineapple did help Clare reach her 5 a day.

Myth 3:

You spoke, Clare listened. Sometimes you have to do that very thing that got you into a situation to get you out of it…


Turns out a bit of lovin’ goes a long way…

WELCOME TO THE WORLD JESSIE, our newest Cosatto club member. N’awww broody much?

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