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Where to Start?

Choosing the right stroller is essential, but it can be confusing to find the right one. We've created this guide to help you out.

Things to Consider

When do I need to buy a stroller?

All Cosatto strollers are suitable from birth as they have a fully reclinable seat. Customers tend to buy a stroller when they are going away on holiday or are looking for something more compact for public transport or cars.

Extendable Hood

Great news! All Cosatto stroller hoods offer 100 UPF protection and are fully extendable. You still need to cover your child in sunscreen but it’s great to know they will be protected whilst out and about.


Cosatto strollers are lighter than most travel systems. That means they’re easier to manoeuvre one-handed when out and about. They are also ideal for trains, planes and public transport as they fold compact for small storage spaces.

Double Stroller

Twins or two children? Discover a range of Cosatto strollers to suit your needs. They have all the features of our single products and are compact folding to fit in to those tiny boots.

Maximum Weight

In order for a stroller to be on the market, it must meet the industry standard of 15kg weight capacity. We test our products above and beyond this standard and have products that will take up to 25kg. Check out our stroller comparison chart to find out more.

Will my stroller fit in my car boot?

Here at Cosatto we have two different folding shapes -
umbrella fold and compact fold. All Cosatto strollers are tiny boot approved
and have been tried and tested in a Fiat 500.

Our Guarantee

One thing to consider when you’re buying a stroller is what
happens afterwards. Not all companies have the service we have. This is big. We
collect, repair and return your product in 5 working days. You stay where you
are. Simple. The Cosatto Cuddle is our promise of outstanding cover, advice,
peace of mind and revolutionary service excellence. Our strollers all have a 4
year guarantee.

8 out of 10 Kids Choose Cosatto

Kids love Cosatto. We decided to prove it. To make it all
official and put a big bow on it. We ran a test with 100+ tots in nurseries
showing strollers from Cosatto and other brands too. They looked. They grinned.
They pointed. They chose. The result? 8 out of 10 kids chose Cosatto. So what
are you waiting for? The kids have spoken. Take their lead. Choose happy.
Choose Cosatto.

Thanks to...

The advice in this guide was brought to you by
our Rachael - Cosatto Customer Relationship

Manager and mum to Rafferty. What she doesn’t
know about prams you could fit on a postage stamp. She’s here to help you with
some need-to-knows.