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Cosatto’s 5 Parenting Fails

We know life changes completely when we have children, and we need to keep our sense of humour in all this chaos to survive. Your once perfectly controlled life becomes a box of surprises every day! Here are our favourite parenting fails at Cosatto:

1 – Annabelle’s mum says: “When she was 3, we had just got back from shopping. She walked into the house and shut the door and locked me out the house. We had to wait for my sister to come with the spare key, whilst Annabelle just laughed at us outside the house.”



2 – Isabelle’s mum says: “We were waiting to see the Doctor at hospital for Isabelle’s hernia. We were waiting ages. Just as we were called in she managed to do the hugest, messiest poo that went all over me too. I tried to wipe it off me as much as I could, but I could just smell poo so strongly whilst trying to talk seriously to the Doctor.”



3 – Rocco’s mum says: “The first time I took Rocco’s nappy off as he was potty trained was the day he had a bad tummy. We were at the play centre and I could tell he had a ‘poo face.’ I asked him if he needed the toilet, but without letting him answer I grabbed him and ran to the toilet. As I was running I could feel what I would describe as a cement feeling landing on my feet. As I looked down……he had pooed all from the play area into the toilet as I had ran with him, and slopped onto my feet too. In my whole 7 years, I had never seen or smelt anything so tragic. I didn’t know where to start…after I had warned the kids running in the toilet and slipping on the poo.”



4 – George’s Mummy, “We had George all ready for his beautiful first naked portrait, curled up in a cute little ball…and he started pooing everywhere.”



5 – Anna’s Mum,  “There was the time we accidentally locked her in the car and had to get someone to come and help prise the door open enough to get a metal coat hanger to hook the key off the passenger seat.”



Let us know your parenting fails!

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