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Dad said what?!

Dads. We heard you. You can’t unsay it.

Mentioning no names – one of our male Cosattees in the studio just said and we quote… “so does pregnancy last 3 months?” Cue mass hysteria. If. Only. We decided it’s time to unearth those belting man-isms on pregnancy and labour that the world has yet to hear. We researched. We asked you guys. You delivered. Literally. Prepare yourselves…

1. Backache Blunder

‘Just after giving birth, we were still in hospital and my partner said “my back really hurts, I didn’t think I would have been stood up for so long”.

Painful. What a charmer eh?

2. Spilt Milk

‘After explaining to my partner that babies can have either formula or breast milk he replied “yeah, I know they drink milk, but what do babies eat?”

No comment.

3. Cutting It Fine

‘When I went into labour with my eldest, we were getting ready leave for the hospital and my husband started to pack a pair of scissors. “Do I need to bring them, or does the hospital have some for me to use to cut the cord?'”

We all like a well organised man.

4. Doctor, Doctor

‘My husband said to the doctor, ‘are you going to seduce my wife?’ The doctor replied ‘Not in her current condition’ to which I jumped in ‘Induce honey, induce!’


5. Happy Surprise

‘After giving birth my husband shouted “It’s a boy! It’s a boy!” The nurse said ‘Look again dad,’ she then lifted the umbilical cord and it was a GIRL!’

Ahh, ever so observant.

Are you cringing at something your man has said?

Tell us. We want more mid-week giggles.

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  • After the birth of my first child and a difficult forceps labour ,I said to my husband “so glad THATS over ,I’m exhausted ” ….My then husband replied ….” it’s OK for YOU , YOU were able to just LIE there ,I had to stand UP”!!
    The next morning he saw our daughter with her eyes open for the first time …..” She’s got her EYES open ,they don’t usually do that for 10 days do they ” ? Duhhhhh Shes NOT a puppy moron 😂

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