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Dinner Is Coming Highchair Raised How Much?

Winter is coming… and so is dinner.

Last month we gave away 5 of our limited edition 3Sixti highchairs in the ‘Dinner Is Coming’ pattern, whilst raising money for our friends and fabulous charity Baby Lifeline.  Baby Lifeline help provide equipment and support for pregnant women and newborn babies worldwide to give little ones the beast start in life. Thanks to your generosity we raised £18,31.22 which will directly go towards helping expectant mothers and babies. Wahoo – go you.

Here’s some pics of our Dinner Is Coming throne that caused a social media storm 🙂


The First Drawing

The Thrones Arrived at Cosatto HQ


The Winners Snaps

Gutted you missed out on bagging yourself a mini iron throne? Fear not we have more exciting stuff to come… keep an eye on our Facebook page to see what’s coming next.


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