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Dragon & Unicorn bedrooms

Bedroom Inspiration – magical unicorn snug or dragon kingdom den?

10 steps to making the ultimate cosy bedroom for your magical little one:

1. Colour

Setting your colour scheme is a great way to get started & sticking to it can really help pull the look of a room together. When starting a decorating project I like to cut and stick all the different things I’m considering buying and see how they’ll look together on paper; play about with colour chips from a Dulux paint card and cut things out of magazines. This lets you ditch any elements that aren’t quite working before you spend a penny.

Our fave unicorn colour palette is pastels with touches of sparkle. For dragons we love monochrome with flashes of colour.

Dragon vs Unicorn colour pallete

2. The bed

The bed is usually a central focus of the room. You could make it more of a feature by adding a sparkly canopy (with fairy lights!) or even going for a themed castle bed that doubles as a play den as your mini dragon grows? If you still have a teeny tot then go for a cool mobile or twinkly light above their cot instead.

Dragon vs Unicorn beds

3. Clever storage

You’ll definitely want to get creative to hide away the zillions of random objects that come as part and parcel of having a baby. Why not pick out your favourite books and nik-naks to display on a feature shelf? You’ll thank yourself later if you invest in trugs / suitcases or a big toy chest to quickly and easily stuff away toys.

Dragon vs Unicorn clever storage

4. Lighting

Lighting makes all the difference to how cosy your space is. Think about having 2 or 3 different lamps with a soft glow to let you create an oh-so-snoozy reading corner. We jump at any excuse for fairylights in any form – see if there’s a spot in the room that would benefit from added twinkle.

Dragon vs unicorn lighting

5. DIY

We’ve all been there. You see the cool pinterest picture. Instantly go out & spend a fortune on materials. 5 hours later you’re left with something that looks nothing like the picture and have a bandaged thumb and glue in your hair to boot. Doh. There are lots of ways to bring a personal DIY touch to your room that won’t leave you tearing your hair out. And the best bit is that mini dragons and unicorns have THE BEST imagination and will totally love even the worst DIY efforts. (remember how they played with the box for hours instead of that expensive toy last Christmas!)

Dragon vs Unicorn DIY ideas

6. Wall art

A feature wall can completely transform your space. We are ALWAYS fans of polkadots. Or this simple layered landscape creates real dragon kingdom depth. Add a cute quote to the walls that really speaks to you. Surrounding your little one with positive energy and love from every surface.

Dragon vs Unicorn wall art

7. A touch of Cosatto (of course)

You can get Cosatto Noodle Supa highchair and Supa stroller in both Dragon Kingdom or Magic Unicorn designs. Why confine all the fun to their room…?

Dragon and Unicorn Cosatto products

8. Play space

If you’ve got the space, think about how to enhance the room for your little ones perfect play. This could be anything from adding a mini table and chairs for magical tea parties or a cosy reading corner for adventure escapes.

Dragon and Unicorn play spaces

9. Accessories

This is the best bit. Choosing bedding, cushions and all sorts of piff paff to enhance the space. The best time to do this is once you’ve got all your main elements in place. That way you can judge whether the huge fluffy rug you had your eye on is totally necessary or whether your money would be better spent on a cool light instead.

Dragon and Unicorn accessories

10. Finishing touches

How could you add to the theme? It’s all in the detail! Maybe a cute fairy doorway in your magical kingdom or a fancy dress box to help your mini get in theme? Think about how you can make the new room reveal a super exciting occasion that your little one will remember forever and get their imagination fired.

Dragon and unicorn finishing touches

So there you are, we’ve set you off on your next DIY bedroom project.

Check out our Pinterest page for more inspiration:

Bedrooms for little dragons on Pinterest.

Bedrooms for magical unicorns on Pinterest.

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