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We’re Hiring Director of Happy!


Ever thrown up over your boss? Had a wild tantrum in a meeting? Do you like being spoon fed and sleeping after lunch? Do you throw your toys out of the pram often? Take the ball home? Then we want you.


Duties include:

 Dressing up (in other people’s shoes).

Dancing wildly to tunes.

Choosing all the bright colours and patterns.

Blowing raspberries at the CEO.

Being honest – we want to know what you like and don’t like.

You must…

Be a chatterbox.

Be a team player.

Love the camera

Most importantly: Be available for 1 day of work in January 2018 and aged between 3-5 years old.


Perks of the job…

 364 days holiday per year.

Free juice & jellybeans.

Unlimited use of the slide.

Uniform provided.

£300 Cosatto vouchers for your Parent-ger


We’re ready to up the fun and happiness round here even more. We need your special powers to help us Save the World from Boring Baby Stuff. Apply with your name, age, photo, fave food, fave colour and fave teddy to:


Job applications close on 7th January 2018.

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  • My name is Alden and I’m 3.5 yers old. My favourite food is meatball pasta. I love Red colour and my favourite teddy is Scout from Leapfrog. I love to be in the limelight and also taking selfies!

  • Hi I am 3 and love green, beans are my favourite food, doggie teddys and dressing up and I love my photo take. Places may I be considered for the job.

    Master Scott Otto schimanski

  • Oscar would absolutely love to do this he is such a happy little chatterbox and fills all the boxes everyone that meets him always comments what an amazing little 3 year old he is hope boys are able to apply

  • Sophie would love to be considered for this please!! She’s 3 ( well, she will be on jan 12th) and once she’s over initial shyness she’s bonkers!!

  • My daughter would be perfect for this. She is like a Duracell battery that doesn’t stop. She is a bundle of joy who loves to be around other people, helping and playing with other children and is extremely photogenic.

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