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Prams and Pushchairs

New to it all?

Starting on your big baby adventure is magical and mind-boggling. It’s a wild ride and every journey is different. Choosing a pram and pushchair is a biggie. Find your perfect system with this guide. Let’s start at the beginning. Together.

What’s the difference between a travel system, a pram and pushchair and a stroller?

Travel System

A travel system is a way to transport your baby using either a car seat, carrycot or seat unit that all clip on to a chassis. At Cosatto we offer travel system bundles – these allow you to purchase a group of products together for one price and you can tailor it to your needs.

3 in 1 Travel System

This gives you the ability to click 3 items onto one wheeled chassis in turn - from carrycot (0 - 6 months approx.) or infant car seat (0 - 15 months approx) to seat unit (approx. 6 months +). For quick trips, eg: a doctor’s appointment, some find it handy just to click the infant car seat onto the chassis as you do not tend to be there for very long.

2 in 1 Travel System

A 2 in 1 Travel System includes one piece that starts as a carrycot and converts into a seat unit. With Cosatto 2 in 1 travel systems, you also get an infant carrier to click on to the chassis – a great option for when you’re out and about.

Pram / Pushchair

A pram is the traditional word for a product with a carrycot. We supply carrycots with almost all our products as standard (*except for Wow Continental and Wowee). Our products also come with a pushchair seat unit which allows you to sit your baby up more as they develop. The pushchair seat units are generally suitable from 6 months onwards, except for Wowee and Wow Continental’s seat units which can be used from birth.


All Cosatto strollers are suitable from birth as they have a fully reclining seat. Parents tend to buy a travel system first as it has more functionality, for example they can click on a carrycot or a car seat. Then later, they move on from their travel system to purchasing a stroller.

Travel System Advice

Things to Consider

When do I buy a pram?

You may be wondering when is a good time to buy a pram. From our experience, most people buy in their 2nd trimester. Then you know you have got it there should the baby come early. One less thing to think about. Tick.

Which pram is suitable from birth?

All our prams, pushchairs and travel systems can be used for newborns and are suitable from birth.

Which pram is the best for me?

You’ll be using your pram or pushchair daily for up to 4 years. The right one will fit seamlessly into your life. You’ll have your own individual access, storage, and terrain needs. Other people may recommend what works for them but their life is not yours. We’ve a handy helper for however you live.

What is a carrycot?

A carrycot is a lie-flat option, quite similar to a Moses basket. It clips onto your chassis creating a pram mode so you can wheel your baby out and about for walks. Our versions are suitable for occasional overnight sleeping too. This means if you’re in a hotel for the night you can just pop it on the floor and your baby can sleep safely. They suit your baby from birth to 9kg and have a super-padded mattress with a machine washable cover.

What is a seat unit?

A seat unit is a seat that you place your baby in and then strap them in with the harness. Then you clip it onto the wheeled chassis. Most of our seat units are suitable from when your baby is sitting up unaided at around 6 months. They can then be used up until approximately 4 years or the maximum weight limit. This varies depending on which model you choose. Wowee and Wow Continental can be used from birth which means you do not need to purchase a carrycot. Great if you’re short on storage space.

What is a chassis?

YA chassis is the wheeled frame which the carrycot, seat unit and car seat click in to. All of ours have different sized wheels depending on where you tend to walk. They also have a handy basket to store your shopping and baby’s bits and bobs. Check out our handy comparison chart to see what each travel system offers.

Car Seats and Adaptors

To attach our newborn car seats like the Port i-Size on to the chassis, you need to click on adaptors prior to clicking the car seat in. They can be found in our accessories section or you can choose a bundle which includes them already. We don’t recommend you keep your child in the car seat for a long time, so little quick trips are better.

How do I know if the car seat is compatible with my car?

We’ve created this handy fit checker to help you see which Cosatto car seats will fit in your car. It is super important to choose the right car seat for your vehicle and child, as a badly fitting car seat can compromise the safety of the seat. Fit matters.

Will my pram fit in my car boot?

We have checked so you don’t have to. Where you see this ‘Tiny Boot Approved’ logo you will know your future travel system fits in even the tiniest trunk. We put our travel systems through boot camp, popping them into our designer Stephen’s diddy Fiat 500. From flagship family unit to super compact, many fit in – with space to spare. So look out for the logo when you're choosing your new system and fill your boots.

Our Guarantee

One thing to consider when you’re buying a pram is what happens afterwards. Not all companies have the service we have. This is big. We collect, repair and return your product in 5 working days. You stay where you are. Simple. The Cosatto Cuddle is our promise of outstanding cover, advice, peace of mind and revolutionary service excellence. Our travel systems all have a 4 year guarantee except for Wow XL which has a whopping 10 years.

Baby Science

At Cosatto, we've always believed in the power of pattern to engage your baby and promote happiness. Cosatto prams and pushchairs put your baby at the heart of visual systems. Bold, bright and carefully placed, our baby-friendly characters and patterns aim to harness your baby's early sensory skills. We’re serious about happy babies, that’s why we’ve teamed up with one of the UK’s leading Baby Labs – testing new patterns and products to amp up their positive impact even more.

The Sussex Baby Lab at the University of Sussex is the Cosatto Official Science Partner. Experts in baby psychology, their team of leading scientists and academics investigate how babies see, think and learn.

Serious about happy babies? You’ve come to the right place.

Thanks to...
The advice in this guide was brought to you by our Rachael - Cosatto Customer Relationship
Manager and mum to Rafferty. What she doesn’t know about prams you could fit on a postage stamp. She’s here to help you with some need-to-knows and calm that
pram panic.

More key features

3 or 4 Wheels

All our travel systems have 4 wheels except Giggle 3 in 1 and the Giggle 2 in 1, whose nippy 3-wheel design helps negotiate tight spots. Giggle 3 offers a sportier more streamlined feel with even greater manoeuvrability. Both 3- and 4-wheel options handle varied surfaces well. Giggle Quad 4-wheeler is Mother and Baby’s 2021 Gold Winner. Some prefer a 4-wheeler. It’s a matter of personal choice.


All Cosatto travel systems have all-round suspension for an ultra-smooth glide offering even greater comfort for your baby. Wow Continental’s dual suspension is the premium state-of-the-art option, with a soft cloud-like feel and a gentle bounce as you push it. Great for difficult trails with lots of obstacles. Then it has the option to switch to a firmer feel for smoother surfaces.

Expecting Twins?

Yay! You won the double. Wow XL travel system lets you attach 2 carrycots, 2 seat units and 2 car seats onto the chassis giving you a full 3 in 1 travel system. We also have Woosh Double and Supa Dupa stroller. Both these strollers can be used from birth forward-facing. Check out the product pages for more info.

Ride-On Board

Our Wow XL comes with an integrated ride-on board. This means you don’t need to clip or unclip it off as you would do with a regular buggy board. It can take up to 25kg child weight and offers a rest for that tired little toddler.

Apron or Footmuff

All our carrycots include aprons. Footmuffs are separate items that can be purchased as an accessory. The Cosatto luxury footmuff has 3 separate uses - cotton liner, fleece liner of a footmuff to keep your littl’un cosy. These machine-washable liners are ideal for protecting your seat unit from sun cream, ice cream and all kinds of splodges.


No one wants to be stuck in the rain or pay extra for a raincover either. All Cosatto prams and pushchairs come with a raincover as standard. Just pop it over the carrycot or seat unit and protect your littl’un from naughty weather. They also provide shelter and warmth on a windy day.

Prams for Travel

Leaving on a jet plane? Lucky you. Parents generally have 2 options when it comes to air travel. You can choose to purchase a smaller compact stroller to take with you - or you can take your travel system. Usually, you can take them to the gate before you board. You can also check them in as oversized luggage and pack your pram in to a generic travel bag. It keeps everything together.