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Protect your wide-eyed wanderer with Cosatto’s any-age, any-stage adjustable car seats. State-of-the-art safety kit developed above and beyond, these toughies know how to cuddle. Grrrr… A kid’s gotta get from A to B – places to go, people to see.

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Cosatto anti-escape system

Baby Car Seats (Group 0+)
Rear facing (Birth to 13kg)

from £174.94

Lightweight and portable, it is a requirement to have a Group 0 car seat to bring your newborn home from hospital.


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Toddler Car Seats (Group 1)
Forward facing (9kg to 18kg)

from £134.95

The next stage. These are forward facing Group 1 toddler car seats that cocoon your child with extra padding, side impact protection and adjustable comfort.

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Child Car Seats (Group 1/2/3)
Forward facing (9kg to 36kg)

from £134.95

These are high-back child car seats, in it for the long haul from toddler to big kid. From height adjustable headrests to extra-cushioned side impact protection you’ll find a variety of options with our group 123 car seats.


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Child Car Seats ISOFIX (Group 1/2/3)
Forward facing (9kg to 36kg)

from £199.95

These are Group 123 car seats that have Universal ISOFIX. This is the ultimate in fit ‘n’ go convenience and gives extra stability.




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Older Child Car Seats (Group 2/3)
Forward facing (15kg to 36kg)

from £159.95

With adjustable backrests to fit your growing child and enclosed head and shoulder protection 23 seats really have got your toddler’s back.

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Group 0+ Car Seat Bases

from £124.95

Choose your ISOFIX in-car base for extra stability and fit ‘n’ go convenience.



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Multi-brand Adaptors

from £29.95

Pop your other brand car seat onto our Wow, Giggle 2 and Woop travel systems.

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