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Prams & Pushchairs

Cosatto prams and pushchairs have patterns babies love and are designed to boost their engagement with the big wide world. Bring the happy to your baby.





Paloma X Cosatto

The Collaboration

Together we’ve created an exquisite collection that’s pure Paloma and pure celebration, unleashing wild prams and pushchairs reflecting her quirky style and warrior nature.

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The Luxury Pram and Pushchair

The feature-packed award-winning Wow pushchair is a walk in the park. Choose the ultimate from-birth dream machine.

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Giggle 2

The Classic Pram and Pushchair

The Giggle 2 pushchair is a nippy 3-wheeler around-town icon. When you want it all, this gold-winner is your go-to.

Giggle Mix

The Convertible, Multi-Look Pram and Pushchair

Planning a second baby? With the Giggle Mix pushchair, change your style as often as you like. Just click, zip and go.

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Woosh XL

The Classic Compact Stroller with Travel System Capability

The Woosh XL has 25kg capacity, so you can use it for even longer, it’s your never-ending stroller.

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