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The Lightweight Do-All

Set off in Supa, the features champ. From one-handed recline to gadget display pocket to use when you choose, Supa’s your slimline, super-skilled show-off. Take time out to see Supa’s full skill set. You’ll need it.

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Cosatto Supa stroller with sunshade hood
  • Multi award-winning from-birth freestanding umbrella fold stroller.

  • More features than any other out there, from strolling solutions to cosy extras.

  • Extended UPF50+ hood with built in speaker & gadget display pocket for rainy days.

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    LBP Awards 2016 Platinum - Supa  LBP Awards 2016 Gold - SupaSUPA_1Supa Mumii BBTG Award


Happy babies. Happy parents. Happy pavements. Happy world.
Share your happy. Make memories.

Cosatto Supa pushchair big fish
Cosatto supa pushchair pixelate
Cosatto Supa pushchair cuddle monster

What our customers think:

“Love the pattern, love the ease of use, love the extras, makes it a cut above the rest! Love it!”


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Supa stroller in Happy Stars